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I missed my 6 week check up forget to book appointment still breastfeeding only 2-3 times a day now baby is 7 months and on 3 solid meals a day baby is my third but second pregnancy as had twins in first pregnancy bavy will soon be having her 8 month check up  she was born with one crease in her palm but she has no signs of any issues or downs etc and gets herself into crawling position now so cute.she still has 3-4 bottles of formula a day aswell lol little chunky she is but adorable x


World Breastfeeding Week

It's World Breastfeeding week that promotes the importance of breastfeeding and the support for women who have to balance their work life and breastfeeding. #wbfw16

Here's an interesting article Breastfeeding, Brilliant But Not Easy. Click to read more and share your point of view with us.

Also see our breastfeeding tips >>

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Pets for better imune system

Some studies suggest that children who grow up with pups or cats have a better immune system, because their body is used to other factors in the environment.

Do you have a pet or are thinking of getting one?

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Preggy question: gum problems?

A mum-to-be in her 6th month of pregnancy wrote to us. She has problems with her gums and as a consequence also headaches.

Did you have similar problems? How did you solve them?

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Avocado yoghurt

RECIPE FOR TOTS from 7 months

Remove the avocado from its skin and mix it with ½ banana and a 1 tbsp of yoghurt.

Your tot should eat the yoghurt before it turns brown.

Bon appetit! :P

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Baby room inspiration

We just had to show you this baby room. Isn't it a hoot? #owls ️️

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Belly photos

When a baby is born we take thousands of pics, but we often forget to eternalize the pregnancy belly.

Did you take photos of you growing pregnancy belly? :)

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"Don't eat when in labour"

"Don't eat when in labour" is an out-of-date fact. Some new studies have shown that a snack during labour can actually shorten the time of labour and even helps it go smoother.

Did you have a snack during labour? :)

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Fact: breastfeeding

42% of women breastfeed for more than a month.

Did you also breastfeed for more than a month? How long?

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Sleep with age

Newborns usually sleep up to 18 hours a day. The number of hours gets lower with age. At age 5, children usually still need around 11 hours of sleep.

How much does your little one sleep on average and how old is he? :)

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