Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


© Droga Kolinska d.d. All rights reserved. Droga Kolinska is a member of Atlantic Grupa.

All content published on the Nosečka Mg website is the property of Droga Kolinska d.d. (except user content, which is the property of its authors and is defined in a separate section) and subject to copyright and other forms of intellectual property protection pursuant to law.

Content (text, photos, logos, etc.) published on this website may be used exclusively for non-commercial purposes and may not be modified, copied, duplicated, republished, sent by mail or disseminated in any other way for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Droga Kolinska d.d. 

All reproductions or copies of the content of this website must also include all the published designations of copyright, other notifications of intellectual property rights or notifications of other rights (the mark © 2014 Droga Kolinska d.d. All rights reserved. Droga Kolinska is a member of the Atlantic Grupa).

The trademarks and service brands that appear on this website are registered trademarks, whose owner or licensee is Droga Kolinska d.d. (hereinafter also the Company) or its subsidiaries. The use of these trademarks is expressly prohibited except in the cases defined herein.

User content

The Nosečka Mg website allows users to publish content in the context of the Forum and Diary features. Via the settings, users can decide whether to make their Diary content private or public.

The Company accepts no liability for user content published on www.preggy.mg Such content is the property of users and users themselves shall be solely responsible for their own content. User content is published without the prior approval of the Company, but Droga Kolinska d.d. reserves the right to delete, remove or edit content that it considers to be offensive or obscene, to infringe copyright law, or to be otherwise unacceptable.

By publishing content, users expressly agree to it being displayed on the website and to related promotional use, whether online or off-line. They agree that all content submitted may be edited, published, transmitted or displayed by the Company. Users grant Droga Kolinska d.d. (the Company) the perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, licence-free right to use, copy, transfer, incorporate, publish, distribute, publicly display, create adapted works from, index, tag, modify and adapt their content (including adaptation for streaming, mobile, digital technologies, technologies for uploading or broadcasting and other technologies).

The Company invites users to observe the following rules of behaviour when publishing content:

•              The publication of any slanderous, obscene, pornographic, offensive or other illegal content is prohibited.

•              Be polite. Do not threaten or offend other users, do not use obscene language and do not deliberately interfere with the development of a discussion by means of duplicate posts, meaningless posts or spam.

•              Use respectful language. Do not use language that could offend or discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, region, disability.

•              Debate but do not attack. In a community of different opinions, there will always be disagreements.

•              Only use the possibility of publishing user content for non-commercial purposes.

•              Publishing images, texts or articles that are not your own without the permission of the copyright holder is prohibited. Do not copy complete texts that are protected by copyright. Summarise them and post a link to the original source.

Users have the right to report offensive or inappropriate content. They can do this directly from website using the "report inappropriate content" tool If the owner of the Nosečka Mg website deems the content to be inappropriate, it will be removed from www.preggy.mg within five business days of receipt of the report at the latest.

The Nosečka Mg website may also display user content from the Nosečka Mg Facebook page, in accordance with the privacy settings of the individual Facebook user (if the user has made the content public) and the decision of the website's editor.

Limitation of liability

The content of the Nosečka Mg website is provided exclusively for educational and informative purposes and cannot substitute medical advice, instructions for treatment or recommendations from medical personnel. It is important to follow the advice of your own doctor and other medical personnel in connection with your individual health and medical needs.

Droga Kolinska d.d. will endeavour to provide accurate and up-to-date information on its website but advises users that the texts published are of an informative nature only and therefore does not guarantee and assumes no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the website. All users shall be liable for the use of the published content.

Neither Droga Kolinska d.d. nor any other legal or natural person that was involved in the creation and establishing of the website may be held liable for the temporary non-functioning of the website, any inaccuracies of the information and any damages arising from the use of erroneous or deficient information, and therefore shall not be liable for any damage or inconvenience arising from the existence of the website, access to and/or use and/or inability to use the information on the website and/or any errors or deficiencies in its content, irrespective of whether they were notified of the possibility of such damage.

Since the Droga Kolinska d.d. contains links to other sites which are in no way affiliated with Droga Kolinska d.d. and over which Droga Kolinska d.d. has no control, Droga Kolinska d.d. cannot guarantee and shall neither accept nor mediate complaints regarding the accuracy of the content of any website to which it offers a link or a reference, and assumes no responsibility for the protection of the data on those sites.

Droga Kolinska d.d. reserves the right to modify, add or remove content published on www.preggy.mg at any time and in any way, in part or in full, for any reason and without prior notice. All users shall be liable for the use of all of the published content.

Privacy protection

Droga Kolinska d.d. pays particular attention to the protection of the privacy of the information it obtains from users of the website, and the personal data that they provide, pursuant to the current laws on personal data protection in the Republic of Slovenia.

The Company collects personal data only when authorised by the users themselves in an application, completed form or email in which they expressly agree to such collection. The Company uses personal data for access to certain services (Forum and Diary), organising prize games, statistical processing, customer segmentation, the processing of past purchasing habits, sending offers, advertising material and magazines, sending invitations to events, and for electronic surveys.

In order to access some services on the Nosečka Mg website you need to log in with your Facebook account (via the Facebook Connect function) or register as a user on the Nosečka Mg website. Users must provide the following personal details on registration:

  • E-mail address

Registration is only possible if you provide all required data and accept the confirmation of registration. The user account is activated when the user confirms activation via the link sent to their e-mail address. The username and password uniquely identify the user and associate them with the data entered. Following registration, the user can use the website by entering their username (chosen by the user) and the password they chose during registration.

Registered users can also provide other personal details (their own details, details of their baby) within the Diary. These personal details are intended exclusively for the user, who can use the website settings to decide whether to publish them or keep them private. Droga Kolinska d.d. will not use these details for marketing purposes.

Users who wish to cancel their registration may do so by sending a request for cancellation of registration to info@preggy.mg The data controller will delete their personal data from the database within five working days of receipt of the request. Cancellation of registration also means interruption of the use of services that are only accessible to registered users.

Various prize games, competitions or online forms through which the Company collects users' personal data may also be published from time to time on www.preggy.mg As the data controller, the Company may use personal data obtained in this manner in accordance with specific conditions (rules of participation in prize games, etc.), which will be published separately and to which the user shall agree separately.

Under existing legislation, a data controller may process personal data if the individual concerned has given their personal consent. The personal consent of an individual is a voluntary declaration of the will of an individual that their personal data may be processed for a specific purpose, and is given on the basis of information provided by the controller. In the case of the use of the website www.preggy.mg, personal consent shall be deemed to have been given when a user clicks the "I agree with the Rules and Conditions" button on the personal details form, thereby confirming that they accept and agree with the general terms and conditions of the website. The Company does not use personal data and contact details for other purposes.

Droga Kolinska d.d. will keep personal data only so long as needed in order to achieve the purpose for which they were processed. Droga Kolinska d.d. undertakes to protect the privacy of users in accordance with the law. The protection of users' personal data includes organisational, technical and logical procedures and measures to protect personal data, to prevent the accidental or intentional unauthorised destruction of data, the modification of data, the dissemination of data to third parties, and the loss or unauthorised processing of data.

All data are stored on protected servers located in secure areas. The website user is aware and expressly agrees that the Company may entrust individual tasks in connection with the processing of the personal data received to a data processing contractor (Renderspace d.o.o., Trubarjeva 79, Ljubljana).  The contractual processor may process the personal data only within the boundaries of the authorisation or work order that they receive from the Company and in accordance with the defined purposes. The Company and its data processing contractor may not disseminate the data received in any form or disclose them to third parties unless users consent to this or if they are required to do so by judicial authorities.

Users can at any time request in writing or in another agreed manner (e.g. by e-mail) that the data controller permanently or temporarily cease using their personal data for purposes of indirect marketing. Droga Kolinska d.d. shall block the use of the personal data within 15 (fifteen) days and within a further 5 (five) days notify the user requesting the change thereof in writing or in another agreed manner (e.g. by email).

As the website contains links to other sites which are in no way affiliated with the Company, the data controller assumes no responsibility for the protection of data on those sites. Equally, the data controller accepts no liability for any errors resulting from the communication of incorrect data when registering on the website.


In addition to the personal data provided by users, the Company also collects information on the use of the website. When users browse the website they browse anonymously, which is in line with the protection of privacy and personal data. Data regarding the use of the website do not facilitate the viewing of personal data provided by users while using this website. Droga Kolinska d.d. uses such data exclusively for the purpose of improving website use.

The Company collects information on the use of the website by using cookies. A cookie is a string of characters that a browser may store permanently on the user’s computer. It saves all data and choices regarding visits to individual websites. Websites use cookies each time a user visits those websites by saving a unique identifier and data for statistical processing (the website from which the user came to www.preggy.mg, the time and duration of the visit, pages visited on the website www.preggy.mg, and other data that are not of a personal nature) in a protected cookie that is temporarily stored on the user's computer.

The user can delete, block, or conditionally use cookies with certain settings. Browsers are set to accept cookies by default, and they reject those cookies which do not pertain to the area indicated in their title.

On the first visit to the website the user is informed about the use of cookies and is given the opportunity to agree to their installation. Agreeing implies that the user gives their explicit consent to the use and processing of data gathered by cookies.