With the right advice, pregnancy and motherhood can be a carefree experience.

Baby equipment

During the second trimester you can start decorating your baby's room (or corner) and assembling all the things you will need. In this way you will avoid a last-minute rush and you will be able to choose calmly or look for bargains or arrange to borrow things from friends. The biggest pleasure will probably come from choosing baby clothes – even if you are borrowing them you should buy one or two items yourself, perhaps the outfit that you will dress your baby in when it is time to return home from hospital. You can also include some items on a list that you give to relatives who wish to get a present to mark your baby's birth.


  • car seat with washable cover
  • carry cot
  • rain cover
  • cot
  • sheets
  • blankets
  • waterproof mattress cover
  • pram/pushchair
  • changing bag
  • changing table
  • baby bath
  • nappy disposal bin
  • baby monitor


  • cardigans
  • long- and short-sleeved bodysuits (50, 56, 62)
  • side-closing t-shirts
  • leggings with feet
  • socks
  • caps
  • pyjamas, sleepsuit (50, 56)
  • bibs

For winter babies:

  • pramsuit/snowsuit
  • mittens

Care products

  • muslin squares
  • nappies
  • baby towel with hood
  • small towels
  • baby bath
  • bath thermometer
  • body temperature thermometer
  • baby nail scissors
  • soft hairbrush/comb
  • nasal aspirator


  • cooling ointment
  • almond/calendula/olive oil
  • cotton wool
  • physiological solution or 70% alcohol for cleaning the belly button
  • physiological solution for the nose
  • moisturising wipes
  • solid soap
  • baby shampoo