With the right advice, pregnancy and motherhood can be a carefree experience.

New mums

During pregnancy pregnant women are generally very careful about diet and exercise, getting enough rest and so on, all of which contributes to the healthy development of your baby. The moment they give birth, however, everything changes. Bewildered and anxious young mothers can only think about their babies and forget to think about themselves.

But this is not doing you or your baby any favours. Only if you continue to pay attention to your diet and rest will you have sufficient strength to take care of your baby and satisfy their need for mother's milk. That is why you should let your partner, family and friends help you.

Giving birth is a great shock for your body. You need to let it recover and allow your hormonal balance to re-establish itself. From time to time allow yourself a moment of idleness and amuse yourself chatting to other mums.