With the right advice, pregnancy and motherhood can be a carefree experience.


Whether or not it is planned, pregnancy is something very special for every woman. Even the most laid-back expectant mother cannot help marvelling at the fact that her body is capable of something so extraordinary. With every day of your pregnancy, the little creature inside you grows and develops. Many pregnant women have lots of questions and worries during this period.

Everyone will remind you to eat properly and make sure that your intake of vitamins and minerals is sufficient. Your doctor will also certainly advise you about exercise and looking after your general fitness. As your pregnancy progresses, you will also experience some of the less pleasant aspects of the condition. It is a good idea to try and accept these as cheerfully as possible.

You should not think of yourself simply as an "incubator" for the whole nine months. Allow yourself to relax, take some time for yourself and perhaps find a new hobby, something you enjoy doing – you could even make something for your new baby. You could also start keeping a diary, in which you note down your thoughts and feelings during your pregnancy. When the time comes for your child to follow their own path, or perhaps when they are expecting a child of their own, reading your diary will certainly mean a lot to them.