With the right advice, pregnancy and motherhood can be a carefree experience.

10th month

The day you finally meet your baby is getting closer and closer. Your baby is finally ready to see the world outside its warm shelter, and most mothers feel as though they have been waiting an eternity to take their baby in their arms and count their little fingers and toes.

The baby:

Babies born in the 37th week of pregnancy are considered to be full-term. A baby born now might need a few days in an incubator, but otherwise he or she is ready to meet you. As your due date approaches, your baby's movements grow slower and slower, but it is still important to monitor them. Take advantage of your baby's developed senses: talk to your baby, play your favourite music and, when your baby kicks you, tap back. You are sure to feel an answering kick.

The mother:

If you haven't yet prepared your maternity bag now is the time to do it. This is also the time to sort out the final details of the baby's room and to buy those final baby items you still need. Prepare the information you will need at the maternity unit. Avoid talking about the childbirth experiences of other mothers – every birth is different and many mothers like to exaggerate the pain and suffering. If you have an older child, don't forget to buy him or her a little gift on behalf of the new baby – a little attention like this will help the older child accept his or her new brother or sister.

How are you spending the last weeks before the birth? Write it in your diary!

Did you know:

The average size of a newborn baby is around 50 centimetres, while the average weight is a just over 3 kilograms. Boys are generally slightly heavier than girls, and second babies are heavier than first babies. Naturally you also have to take into account the constitution of the mother and father. Very few babies are born exactly on the due date, so expect the unexpected.