With the right advice, pregnancy and motherhood can be a carefree experience.

4th month

The baby's internal organs are more and more developed and some are already taking over key functions. The liver and kidneys functioning, while the lungs are still developing and learning their vital function. The placenta is still present to supply nutrients, hormones and oxygen. The mother can finally relax a little as nausea and exhaustion lessen.

The baby:

By the end of this month your baby will have doubled in size – to about the size of an avocado. Its tiny body is still growing rapidly and keeping pace with the head, which now represents just one third of the whole body. The arms have reached a proportionate length and the palms of the hands are precisely formed. The neck is already strong enough to allow the foetus to turn its head. Soft downy hair (called lanugo) has begun to cover the baby's body. Its job is to help regulate body temperature.

The foetus can already open and close its palms and move a lot in general. The lungs inhale amniotic fluid and in this way train themselves and develop, although the baby is still receiving oxygen from the placenta. The placenta also supplies the foetus with hormones and essential nutrients, although it is already producing hormones itself.

The mother:

Now that your tiredness and feelings of nausea have probably lessened, it is a good idea to think about healthy living and regular exercise. Treat yourself to a walk in the fresh air. Exercise will also help relieve constipation.

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Did you know:

Some studies show that in the fourth month the baby already begins to perceive sound. Not with the ears, which are still not sufficiently developed, but with the help of the skin, which picks up vibrations, with the amniotic fluid acting as a conductor. In the same way, the eyes are ready capable of perceiving light – even though they're still covered by fused eyelids. With bit of luck the gynaecologist will be able to tell the sex of your baby during a scan.