With the right advice, pregnancy and motherhood can be a carefree experience.

8th month

The baby's movements will become less jerky but no less intense. There is less and less room in the uterus, so now you may be able to distinguish what part of your baby's body is currently kicking or hitting you. Some acute problems such as heartburn and constipation may return at this stage.

The baby:

During this month your baby will grow past the 40 centimetre mark – about the length of your keyboard. The time of big movements has begun, since most babies rotate into a head-down position during this period. This position is not uncomfortable for the baby and is of course part of the preparations for the birth. Your baby no longer has enough room to perform the sort of acrobatics it did before, and will lean against your belly with increasing persistence and cause undulations that you can even capture on video. The baby is still accumulating subcutaneous fat that will help maintain body temperature. He or she is also gaining weight and losing that wrinkled appearance. Now the hair and eyes are just as you will see them in a few weeks' time.

The mother:

Only the last trimester to go. Enjoy the anticipation of the happy event, choose baby clothes and get the baby's room ready. Your baby will be causing you problems by pressing on your bladder, and meanwhile your hormones will see to the return of heartburn and constipation . For relief in both cases, try and eat regular, small meals, and make sure you are getting enough roughage and, above all, liquids – water is best.

You may also suffer from dizziness, especially when you stand up quickly from lying down, so remember to stand up carefully and slowly. Now is also a good time to treat yourself to a romantic dinner with your partner, or perhaps a visit to the cinema or a show. Just before the birth, your belly may already be so big that sitting down in such situations will be too uncomfortable.

How have you fitted out the baby's room/corner? Write it in your diary! Write it in your diary!


Did you know:

Your baby can already open and close its eyes but they are always closed when it is asleep, which is most of the time. Some mothers are lucky enough to get a peaceful night's sleep. For others, the junior party animals inside them make peaceful sleep impossible. According to one old wives' tale, a newborn baby will sleep the way it is accustomed to sleeping in the womb – which is good news for all those mums who are sipping their morning tea before they feel the first kick of the day.