With the right advice, pregnancy and motherhood can be a carefree experience.

Your baby

Parenthood brings new perspectives, drive and enthusiasm, but young parents can sometimes stumble or lose their balance on this journey. When you take your newborn – don't worry, babies aren't as fragile as they might seem – you first have to overcome your fear of making mistakes. After that you and your baby will start to find the right answers together.

By the end of your baby's first month, everything will have become easier. You will slowly establish your first daily routine and your confidence in your own abilities will grow. Mums: try not to be hyper-protective during this period. It will be useful for you and your baby if you leave some of the chores to the dad. You might be surprised how good he is at changing nappies and winding the baby.

Sleep is one of the main worries of all young parents, whether the baby is the first one or the third. It is true that you will probably have to say goodbye to your eight hours for a while, but in exchange you will be rewarded with the most beautiful smiles in the world. That little toothless mouth will smile at you at every opportunity – including sometimes when it's full of baby food and it would better if it were closed. Feeding your baby can be an interesting business, particularly when you start them on solid food.

Mothers who breastfeed their baby are often most anxious about baby's first teeth, but don't worry: your baby will have perfected their technique by then and you won't feel a thing. But they will certainly try them out on a finger or two. Watch out, too, for books, magazines and foam toys, which babies are very interested in at this stage but which are not suitable for them.

Things will really get interesting when your baby starts moving around on their own. The development of your baby in the first 12 months, which is when the biggest changes occur, is something very individual, so on no account should you worry when your neighbour starts telling you about how her eight-month-old is already walking and talking. It is generally a better idea to leave such neighbours in peace and instead hang out with the mums in our forums.